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    There are some advantages for coming from WKU during transfer application. First, students in WKU will gain more transfer credit for the similarity of courses between WKU and other US universities. The more transfer credit you have, the early for you to graduate from the university. Also, students in WKU will have more chances to practice oral English and prepare for the TOEFL exam.


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    Hey, wkuers! I recommend you for taking the TOEFL exam in GEH D in WKU. The facility there is extremely good. The invigilators are so kind and nice. Moreover, you can have a nice rest before the exam. You do not need to wake up early at 6 am and go to another place for taking the exam! Physical comfort may help you gain a good score!

    嘿,wkuers !我推荐在参加考点在教学楼D栋的托福考试。那里的设施非常好。监考人员十分善良和友好。此外,你可以在考试前得到充分的休息。你不需要6点起个大早,然后去另一个地方参加考试!好的身体状态可以帮助你取得好成绩!

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    I recommend memory vocabulary first before practicing TOEFL. With enough vocabulary, you can improve your listening and read quickly. Then, it may be beneficial to find someone to help you with the speaking part and writing part. A speaking course or writing course with more than 10 people may not be so efficient. I prefer smaller speaking and writing course, in which we can have more communication with the instructor.


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    I recommend Coursera, which is a massive open online course program. You can learn lots of excellent courses from other universities. A course on Coursera typically costs between $29 and $99. If you don’t care if you have a certificate at the end of the course, you can audit all the courses on the platform without spending a cent.


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    There are several ways to find off-campus house information. First, search off-campus house+the name of university on google. You can find the website of the university about off-campus houses clearly. There will be a map on that website, which can see the location of the house. Also, you can set up other preferences on the university webpage. Secondly, you can find information from the CSSA of the university. There will be some recommendations for housing. Thirdly, you can find housing information from some applications such as “Xueluejia”. Also, some apartment will have their own website. There will be detailed information on their own website.


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    I had used the app baicizhan and Momo for memorizing vocabulary. The most efficient APP for me is the Momo. The page setup of it is concise. You can choose the button”understand”, “obsure” or “do not understand” for every vocabulary. When you choose the “do not to understand” botton, it will appear frequently later to help people memorize. By the way, this app is not free.


    I think what really important is the preparation for applying for a recommendation. Students should have more communication with the professors. And record some interesting moments about the professor and you. These can help the professor remembered who you are and the interaction between the professor and you. Such interesting interactions can be used as the source of the recommendation as well.


    Usually, the visa type that students from Wku need for further education is an F-1 visa. Students need to supply financial support documents and certificates of deposit to the university to gain the I20 first. Then, fill in the DS160 form and apply for the interview online. Students can apply for an interview in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Shenyang.


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    One thing to make sure of is who will be the actual person to guide you during the application. When I meet one of the studies abroad agencies, I have about two hours of communication with the boss of that agencies, I enjoy that communication and feel that she is an expert in the application. However, at the end of the communication, I realized that she will not be the person who will guide me directly during the application. The agency would randomly assign me an instructor, who graduate from the university about five years. In conclusion, knowing clearly who will guide you is important. It is better to communicate with your direct instructor to see whether you match each other.


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    I may go to the University of Michigan in Fall 2021. Most of the courses are in person. Some of the courses are hybrid, with online lectures and in-person lad. All this action may help students gain a similar learning experience compared to the period before covid. The learning experience in 2021 may be much better than the online learning experience in 2020.



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