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    • How do you get yourself well prepared for TOEFL? 托福考试很重要
      For those people who are considering colleges in the US or Canada, TOEFL is important. There are four parts in the TOEFL test: reading, listening, speaking and writing. How do you prepare for each part? 对于那些考虑北美的大学的同学,托福考试很重要。托福分为四个部分,阅读、听力、口语、写作。你是如何准备这四个部分的?
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    • 4月、 2周前

      Yan Xubo

    • How to get a high score on the TOEFL test?如何在托福考试中获得高分?
      1. For the most difficult part of listening, how to extract effective information quickly from several minutes of listening? 对于大多数通许都觉得最困难的听力部分,怎样从若干分钟的听力中快速提炼有效信息? 2. Tips for some specific reading questions, such as the questions about inferring, the objective of rhetoric, summary, the simplification of sentences, insertion, etc. 解答阅读中各类问题的技巧,例如推断题,修辞目的题,文章总结题,句子简化题,句子插入题等等。 3. Suggestions on TOEFL beginners' overall time planning and some advice about test preparation. 关于托福初学者整体的时间规划以及备考建议。 Junzhe Gong (Alan)
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    • 4月、 2周前


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正在查看 10 话题: 1-10 (共 10 个话题)
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