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      This year, due to the impact of COVID-19, many undergraduate graduates who applied for foreign graduate students chose gap for one year. But what can you do with a gap year during university life, or why do you choose to gap one year? Welcome to share your views or experiences.

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      I didn’t choose Gap for a year, but one of my friends have already made that decision. He thinks foreign countries are dangerous now because of COVID-19. He is not willing to take the risk of illness to study abroad. On top of that, he found a satisfying internship. He thinks it will improve his own competitiveness.

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      Zhang Hengxi

      Regarding the gap year, I think if there are very good internship opportunities, then the gap year is necessary. Because, at work, you can learn a lot of knowledge that the school does not have, you can enrich your experience to a large extent, and learn the company’s operating model, etc.关于间隔年,我认为如果有非常不错的实习机会,那么间隔年是有必要的。因为,在工作中,能学到很多学校没有的知识,可以很大程度的丰富阅历,学习公司的运营模式等。

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      We can go for an internship. Generally speaking, many students choose to intern during the holidays. But if the gap is one year, our internship time will be greatly increased, and internship opportunities will be much more. This is also the benefit of the gap.我们可以去实习。通常来说,很多同学会在假期选择实习。但如果gap一年,我们的实习时间会大大增加,实习机会也会多很多。这也是gap的好处。 Jane (Guo Qianqian)

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      Many students choose to take this opportunity to find internship opportunities to accumulate experience after graduation. However, having a gap year is also a good time to relax and adjust their learning attitude, which will also benefit their further study. 很多学生在毕业后选择间隔一年再进行研究生的学习是想借此机会寻找实习机会来积累经验,但同时间隔年也是一个很好的放松和调整学习心态的时间, 这对于之后的学习也是有帮助的。 By xuqing

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      Mengyu Zhang

      Gap year is an effective time to improve personal ability. In the context of the pandemic, activities like online internship programs, learning a new language are all helpful to our own progress.

      Gap year 是一个提升个人能力的有效时间。在疫情的背景下,线上的实习项目,学习一门新的语言等都对我们自身的进步有帮助。



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      参加实习,可以提供专业经验,也可以有机会试用某些领域,而不必永久从事这些领域。提高不太优秀的研究生入学考试成绩(GRE, MCAT, PCAT, LSAT, GMAT),加强研究生院申请,而不受课堂和课程作业的干扰。
      Participate in internships, which can offer professional experience as well as the opportunity to try out certain fields without committing to them permanently.Improve less-than-stellar graduate school entrance exam scores (GRE, MCAT, PCAT, LSAT, GMAT) and strengthen grad school applications without the distraction of classes and coursework.
      Reference: https://www.gograd.org/resources/gap-year-before-graduate-school/#:~:text=%E2%80%9CThe%20time%20varies%2C%20but%20after,master’s%20degrees%2C%E2%80%9D%20Westman%20says.&text=The%20main%20benefit%20a%20gap,without%20the%20demands%20of%20school.
      Junyi Zhao

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      Before choosing to leave school, you have to know that yes, leave is not for everyone. If you are considering whether or not to have a gap year, you first know yourself, understand what you want, what you can do, what you need to pay for leaving school, and what you can gain. After thinking about these issues, consider whether or not to gap year. 在选择休学前,你要知道是的,休学并不是适合每一个人。如果你在考虑要不要gap year,你先认识自己,明白自己要什么,了解自己能做什么,休学需要付出什么,能收获什么。想清楚这些问题后,再去考虑要不要gap year。

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      确实周围有蛮多的人都选择休学,但是否选择gap 一年还是需要根据自身的需求,不能盲目跟风。毕竟本科教育可以让我们专业课程的知识。当然gap year里我们可以选择实习,尝试一些自己从未涉及的领域。在这些地方学习到的知识或许也有利于之后的个人发展。当然,若只是虚度光阴, gap year 也毫无意义。需自我控制能力强以及对人生规划清晰的人去尝试gap year吧。 In my opinion, we should understand our requirements and then choose to leave the colleges or not. If we just follow others’ step can be harmful. If you long to gap for one year, maybe you can find the internship to do something which you never try it. (Norma)

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      Cao Sijia

      我认为这对于大三的学生来说是一个非常值得认真思考的问题。现在有很多同学开始准备托福雅思的考试,有些同学还没有准备或还没有决定要不要考雅思托福的就会非常焦虑,无法决定是毕业后出国留学或是直接工作,对于这些同学,我认为间隔年可能会是一个好选择,给自己一段时间去选择未来的方向。I think this is a very serious question for juniors to think about. Now there are many students began to prepare for the toefl and ielts test, some students also have no preparation or even haven’t decided whether to take ielts toefl test will be very anxious, unable to decide whether to study abroad after graduation or work directly, for these students, I believe a gap year can be a good choice to give yourself some time to choose the direction of the future.


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      Jeffery Fu


      In my opinion, university students usually consider about trying a number of internship during the gay year. Gap Year refers to not rushing to the next stage of study or work after graduation, but choosing to spend a period of time to adjust yourself. During this time, you can do some volunteer service work, or do some internship work related to your major. Gap is not to escape, but to face it head-on. Because freedom is relative, and responsibility cannot be evaded. If you want a better life, you have to work harder than others, and it will not change. I also find a good website to show the projects in gap years (https://www.gooverseas.com/gap-year/china).

      Jeffery Fu

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      As far as I know, some students choose the gap year because of the good internship and starting up a business. These experiences can help students develop themselves. Moreover, some students haven’t got the good marks of TOEFL or IELTS, therefore, the gap year for them is a wise choice.据我所知,一些学生选择间隔年是因为好的实习和创业。这些经历可以帮助学生发展自己。此外,一些学生没有取得好成绩的托福或雅思,因此,间隔年对他们来说是一个明智的选择。

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      For some people, having a gap year is take a break and then, it may help the, to make a better decision and know what they want, thus in the following study they can have a better direction.
      But honestly speaking, not all students fit to have a gap year, because it may even let them lose their direction.
      This is a good article that a person who takes a gap year shares in Zhihu, maybe it can help you find what you want:


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      When you are at a loss for the future, it is better to stop and see what you want to achieve or what kind of person you are.
      The gap year in college can give you a chance to do something different and explore your true preferences. The website is a reason for why you should consider gap years.

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      Wan Sisi
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      I think gap year during university life has many benefits. first, you will have time to consider what you really like and what to do in university. Many people start their careers immediately after graduation, so most people don’t have the opportunity to see the world between school and work, gap year provide you the time to know the world. you can also choose to have a job during gap year to enrich your cover letter. this website provide more information https://www.valuecolleges.com/guides/gap-year/
      我认为大学生活中的间隔年有很多好处。首先,您将有时间考虑自己真正喜欢什么以及在大学做什么。许多人毕业后马上就开始了自己的职业生涯,因此大多数人没有机会看到学校和工作之间的世界,间隙年为您提供了了解世界的时间。您也可以选择在假期期间工作,以丰富您的求职信. 这个网址提供更多信息。https://www.valuecolleges.com/guides/gap-year/
      –Wan Sisi(Celia)

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      A gap year is a good opportunity to adjust to your studies. A gap year requires an application to the school and a well planned year, the following links are suggested for gap years:间隔年是调整学习状态的一个好机会,间隔年需要向学校申请,并且好好计划一年的时间,以下是有关间隔年建议的链接:



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      I would like to add the shortcomings of GAP. Choosing GAP also means that you will face greater psychological pressure. This pressure may come from the expectations of your classmates, parents, relatives, or yourself. While you’re in the GAP year, your classmates may have moved on to the college they want, started a new life in a country they like, or started a full-time job. But you don’t have yet. You will easily have a bad feeling, easy to self-denial. In fact, if ou chose the GAP year. The school enrollment, or in the interview, will focus on what kind of progress you have in this year. If your work or volunteer experience doesn’t have a lot of special highlights, it probably won’t help your application very much, and may even backfire.

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      Traditionally, a gap year is a semester or year of experiential learning. How this stage is used effectively can be life-changing.
      1. Avoid burnout: Students are under a lot of pressure to maintain good academic performance in school. By taking a gap year, students have the opportunity to do something completely different, to increase their knowledge and self-discovery.
      2. Gaining Independence: During the gap year, students are able to pursue their interests, learn new skills, and even find a career opportunity.
      3. Career development: During the gap year, students will have more time to think about what kind of career they want, or find companies to do internships or work. In this way, students receive real-world experience that combines theoretical knowledge with reality.
      This webpage rationally analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year. I think it can be used as a reference to combine your real situations.

      1. 避免过度疲劳:在学校中为了保持优异的学术表现,学生面临着很大的压力。通过间隔年,学生能够有机会去做一些完全不同的事情,去增长见识和自我发现。
      2. 获得独立性:在间隔年中,学生能够追求自己的兴趣,掌握新技能,甚至找到一个职业机会。
      3. 职业发展:在间隔年中,学生将有更多时间思考自己想在什么职业,或者找公司去实习或者工作。这样,学生能够收到现实世界的经验,这些经验能够将理论知识和现实结合起来。


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      Gap years are becoming popular among students. There are some advantages about gap year. Firstly, you can get enough rest this year. This may be the longest vacation you have ever spent. When you start working, it will be difficult for you to have a long rest. Secondly, you can find a good internship and get work experience from it this year. Thirdly, you have plenty of time to prepare for some tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL. But there are also some disadvantages. Firstly, your classmates and friends have gone to school or work, your social life will be very monotonous. Secondly, you will forget a lot of knowledge that are very helpful and important to the course. Thus, every student should think carefully about whether they need a gap year.



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      I think one year of gap is beneficial to some students. Some students did not achieve good standardized results during the university and lack of internship experience. During this year, they can be more fully prepared for standardization. Find another one. Internship or test some certificates. To learn some knowledge in the field of work, it is also possible to determine the future direction through internships, such as choosing to go to graduate school or work directly or start your own business. All in all, you have time to make more plans for your life.


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      Before making this decision, you should first consider what you want to do if you want to gap for a year. Remember not to follow blindly. A gap year allows you to do a lot of things in one year: internship, getting higher GRE or TOFEL score, and so on. But first, you have to weigh the pros and cons. If the value of gap in a year is greater than the value in school, then gap. But if you can get little in the gap year, or you haven’t considered it clearly, you should consider it carefully before making the decision.
      在休学之前,首先要考虑清楚如果自己gap一年是为了什么。切记不可盲目跟风。Gap一年的时间可以让你做很多事情:实习,刷标化考试成绩等等。但是首先你得自己权衡利弊。如果gap一年带来的价值大于在学校的价值,那么就gap。但是如果gap一年的收益较小,或者你还没有考虑清楚,那还是要慎重考虑。(Yang Yufan)

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      During the gap year, it is important to have a clear time plan and know what you are doing this year. You can spend a week to adjust yourself to a suitable work and rest for you. But you must know what you are going to do at this stage. My suggestion is to make a plan sheet to plan your life.
      在gap year期间,明确时间规划以及知道自己这一年干什么很重要。你可以用一个星期去调整自己,调整到一个你合适的作息。但是你一定要知道你到底要在这个阶段要干什么。我的建议是可以制作一份计划表儿来规划自己的生活。


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      Sheldon Feng

      A gap year has become more and more popular among students. It is suggested that you do something meaningful in the gap year, such as work practice.
      This video link gives us some great advice on how to spend a gap year.

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