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      The main way to apply for traditional domestic universities is to pass the postgraduate entrance examination. The domestic postgraduate entrance examination is divided into two stages: preliminary examination and re-examination. The preliminary examination includes four subjects, mathematics, English, politics science and professional course. Each subject will vary from university to university in the examination scope and bibliography. In short, for undergraduates in Sino-foreign cooperative universities, it is difficult to take the domestic postgraduate entrance examinations.

      申请国内传统高校的研究生主要就是通过考研。国内考研分为初试和复试两个阶段。初试包括四科,分别是数学,英语,政治和专业课。其中每一科由于学校的不同考试范围和参考书目也会不同。总之,本科在中外合作大学读的,考国内的研究生有一定难度。 (Cherie)

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      Once I also had thought to attend home take an examination of grind, but after I integrated a few factors, I decided not to attend home take an examination of grind. For many universities, our education is not suitable for the domestic postgraduate examination but more suitable for the foreign examination. The second point is that it is difficult for us to find a graduate school that matches our level and can be admitted.

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      Yian Chen

      Chinese graduate schools don’t need students’ applications. Students need to take part in four tests to show their performance. Then the university can make the decision if they need this person.
      Two public subjects: politics and English.
      A basic course: Mathematics or professional foundation.
      A professional course (divided into 13 categories): philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military science, management, art, etc.
      As for our students from Sino-foreign cooperative universities, we have more advantages to applying abroad than in China. Because our undergraduate university studies are taught in accordance with foreign systems, we will definitely not adapt to Chinese exams.
      中国研究生院不需要学生申请。 学生需要参加四个测试以展示其表现。 然后,大学可以决定是否需要此人。
      至于中外合作大学的学生,与在中国相比,在国外申请具有更多优势。 因为我们的本科大学学习都是按照国外的体系来上课的,我们必定不会适应中国的考试。

      Ann (Chen Yian)

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      If you want to apply for a domestic graduate program, you must take the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination, which consists of a preliminary examination and a second examination.Master’s students include academic master’s students and professional master’s students. The main subjects of examination are mathematics, English, politics and professional courses.Is the subject requirements and difficulty of different professional examination will be different.As a student of a Chinese-foreign co-run university, I think it is a matter of great perseverance to take the postgraduate entrance exam, because I need to learn to endure loneliness and overcome my laziness. The following is a website that can help you better understand the postgraduate entrance exam.

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      For me, choosing to stay in China for the postgraduate entrance examination is just a choice, and the difficulty is definitely there. After all, the courses and focus are different, but it is not completely impossible. The most important thing is to make early decisions and then prepare early. In the process of slowly getting in touch with the postgraduate entrance examination, you will find that there are many things that need to be consulted and taught by yourself. Once you have made up your mind, you will start self-study mathematics when others are preparing for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. in the sophomore and junor year.
      对于我自己来说,选择留在国内去考研只是一个选择,难度肯定是有的,毕竟学的课程和侧重点都不一样,但也不是完全不可能。最重要的是要早做决定然后早做准备。在慢慢接触考研这个过程中你会发现有很多东西是需要去查阅和自学的。一旦下定了决心,那么在大二大三别人都在准备GMAT,GRE,雅思托福之类的时候,你就要开始自学数学了。 (Cherie)

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      The following is the official website of Chinese postgraduate admissions information, you can refer to it. If you really decide to take a postgraduate entrance exam in China, you can first research the graduate school of which university you want to go to and which major you want to study, because this determines the scope of math and professional examinations for postgraduate entrance examinations.

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      Domestic graduate students need to start preparing one year in advance and only have the opportunity to choose one university at a time. Time and opportunity are precious.
      You can search for more information on the following websites:
      You can search for more information on the following websites:

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      Domestic graduate students need to start preparing one year in advance and only have the opportunity to choose one university at a time. Time and opportunity are precious.
      You can search for more information on the following websites:
      You can search for more information on the following websites:


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      Due to the epidemic situation in 2020, the situation of overseas graduate study is grim, so I tried to take part in a domestic postgraduate examination. But I am not very well prepared. For suggestions, You need to prepare in advance. English is almost as difficult as CET-6. Politics, after recite the key content, doing more Xiao Xiurong’s simulation volume will be of great help. Professional courses need a lot of effort, because of our own reasons we will certainly take an entrance examination of professional knowledge to master the need for a greater effort. Generally speaking, it is difficult. 因为2020年的疫情原因,国外读研形势严峻,我尝试参与了一次国内研究生考试。但准备的并不是很充分。需要提前准备。英语跟六级英语难度差不多。政治在背好重点内容后,多做一些肖秀荣的模拟卷,会有很大的帮助。专业课需要下很大的功夫,因为自身原因我们肯定会对于考研专业知识掌握需要下更大的功夫。总体来说,难度较大。


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      1. you need to go back to your home country to get your degree certified in the service center of the Ministry of Education. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. And domestic undergraduate students can prepare in the third year, the first semester of the fourth year on the test. Time does not take advantage, if the owner is young can wait a year, prepare well, there is no excuse
      2. back to the country to consider the circle of contacts and domestic development reasons is also good, stay in English should not drag the legs, political good to get points, professional courses if the arts (such as law master), spend time and energy on it. But after all, and foreign application system is not the same, the unexpected situation is too much, the typical Chinese characteristics, “a test set for life”, a year, a test, time cost big.


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      Determine the target volunteer school in advance to determine the study scope and direction for the next postgraduate entrance examination.
      Zoe Xu

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      I suggest that if you can go abroad to study for graduate school then you should still apply. In terms of the domestic postgraduate entrance examination and the overall situation, if foreign graduate students can really get a better college entrance examination and achieve success in their studies, foreign colleges will still have certain advantages in employment compared with mainland students.

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      If you want to apply for a domestic postgraduate program, you must attend the national postgraduate entrance examination, which includes the tests of mathematics, English, politics and professional courses. Of course, some majors may not need to test mathematics, and the specific requirements could be seen in the offical website of that majors in that university. After passing the written examination, there will be re-examination of the university you apply for.

      I think it’s more difficult for undergraduates who study in Chinese foreign joint universities to take the traditional domestic postgraduate examination, compared to apply for foreign postgraduate. It is because students in Chinese foreign joint universities need to relearn the Chinese version of professional courses, mathematics and politics. Moreover, there is only one chance to take the postgraduate entrance examination in China, which is very risky. In case of failure, we have to wait for the next year. However, if you choose to apply for foreign graduate students, you can apply to multiple universities at one time.


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      If you want to declare a domestic university as the goal of the postgraduate entrance examination, you must first take a postgraduate examination, which is divided into a preliminary examination and a second examination. The first test generally includes English political mathematics and specialized courses. Among them, the first three are national unified examinations with the same test papers. However, for professional courses, if you choose some top universities in China, these universities will issue their own papers, so they need to pay special attention to their examination requirements. As for the re-examination, the general teacher will make some targeted investigations on your professional English and expression ability.

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      To tell the truth, it is quite difficult for the students of Sino-foreign cooperative universities to enter domestic graduate schools. Because the curriculum of our school has nothing to do with this test. So you basically have to prepare from scratch. But if you insist on choosing this path, it’s better to prepare early and stick to it. For ordinary examiners, the cycle of preparing for the entrance examination is generally no less than 6 months. You usually have to start preparing before the summer vacation, get fully prepared during the summer vacation, and then take the exam in December. If you want to learn more, please click on the link below.

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      I have seen many people mention that four subjects are required for the graduate exam. However, in reality, the number of subjects needed to be taken vary from different majors. For example, I want to apply psychology major, but there are only three subjects: politics, English, and basic psychology.
      I think the basic psychology exam is very similar to what we studied in university and there is much knowledge that I have learned as major core courses.
      here is the link: https://yz.chsi.com.cn/kyzx/jybzc/202009/20200904/1972918872.html#part06

      by LoganY

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      I think many students will choose to apply for a domestic graduate school because of the economic issue or the situation recently. According to the course we took now, I think it’s necessary to do some extra courses to prepare for it. For Finance major students, the first examination subjects of financial master’s degree are politics, English 2, Mathematics 3 or 396 comprehensive ability of Economics (mathematical basis, logical reasoning, writing), 431 comprehensive ability of Finance (finance, corporate finance). However, different universities may have different requirements. It is better to search for the university and learn about it.

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      As far as I am concerned, it is relatively difficult for students in Chinese-foreign cooperative universities to take the postgraduate entrance examination in China, because the courses and pace we receive are different from those in Chinese universities, so we may encounter some difficulties in further study in domestic colleges and universities.In addition, the courses in international universities do not include meditation and politics courses, which require us to spend extra time on our own learning, so the time cost may be higher.Of course, in today’s circumstances, the domestic postgraduate entrance examination is also a good choice, the company for the local school graduates recognition is also good, can quickly find a job.


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      Because of the COVID-19, the graduate university can only hold the online retest. If it is an online retest, we need to do some preparation. Before the retest, we need to prepare the equipment, environment, and related materials for the online exam in advance, and it is better to rehearse several times to get familiar with the platform and the exam process.
      Before starting the exam, we log in to the retesting platform to test the video and the test-taking environment to see if they meet the requirements. In fact, although it may be affected by network factors, whether online or offline, it is ultimately a test of one’s knowledge base and responsiveness. As long as one prepares well enough, one can achieve a satisfactory result.

      By LoganY

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      1. 我们需要明白大三的学业与研究生考试准备过程不是完全冲突的
      2. 专业课为主,辅助备考
      3. 确定报考专业,选择报考院校
      how to balance junior year studies and graduate school?
      1. We need to understand that the process of preparing for graduate school and junior year studies are not in complete conflict
      Completing the junior year major and preparing for the graduate school entrance exam are not contradictory, but rather a gradual process. We should prepare for the exam on the basis of completing our undergraduate studies, because undergraduate major courses are the foundation of the graduate school entrance exam.
      2. Major courses are the main focus, supporting the preparation for the examination
      The first thing we need to do is focusing on the courses in university rather than prepare for the exam. The key is how we balance our third-year professional courses and preparation for the graduate school entrance exam.
      3. Determine the major and college
      Interest is definitely the most important factor in choosing a major. Since we are going to graduate school, we are destined to study and research deeply in this field, and to a large extent, our major is the field we want to work in in the future, if we have no interest or not much interest, it is difficult to develop in the field and achieve scientific results.
      In addition to interest, we should also consider the business situation, some majors have been seriously oversupplied due to too many enrollments in recent years, and the employment prospects are worrying if we take these majors as graduate students.
      If it is an interdisciplinary study, it is necessary to decide carefully and prepare early. The first thing we need to do is to take the time and effort to review our major.

      By LoganY

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      以下是关于更多信息的链接: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Z22jHdemidwuQEB1XoP0Bw
      When choosing a target college we may have a top school complex, which can lead us to step into traps.
      “Isn’t the purpose of graduate school to go to a better school? What’s wrong with choosing a famous school?” The first thing we need to do is to get a good idea of which university we are getting into. It is undoubtedly a great motivation to study at a famous school. However, we must consider whether we are interdisciplinary students, whether our target institution has been competitive, the standard of retest interview at our target institution, and whether we have enough time to study.
      Here is a link about more information: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Z22jHdemidwuQEB1XoP0Bw

      By LoganY

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      If we are planning to prepare for the postgraduate examination for the second time, then we need to reflect on the following issues.
      1. whether the gap between the institution and our own strength is too large
      2. whether the number of students enrolled in the institution is too small
      3. whether the preparation process is really hard or ” fake diligent”? Can we say goodbye to pseudo-diligence in the second round?
      4. are we too nervous during the exam?
      5. Can I overcome my nervousness in the second round?
      6. Can I analyze my weaknesses from my results, and can I overcome them in the second round?
      Here is a link about more information: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/JOlAePuN-Y7FR6FBXFXqng

      By LoganY

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      here are information about subjects for applicants to be examined:
      Required subjects: professional courses, English, politics
      Specifically: There are five subjects in the postgraduate entrance examination, with a full score of 500 points. Each professional examination subject is different, generally politics + English + 2 professional courses (or mathematics + 1 professional course), not all majors are tested in mathematics. Science and management subjects are generally taken. For specific test subjects, please refer to the enrollment professional catalogue of the enrollment institution you intend to apply for.

      The public courses of the national unified examination include politics (out of 100 points), English (out of 100 points), mathematics (one, two, and three) (out of 150 points); the national unified examination professional courses include psychology, education, history, agriculture, and computer science And technology (full marks are 150 points). In addition, other professional courses are self-proposition and marking by the admissions colleges.


      Wang Jingcong Celina

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      One of the major differences between applying to graduate schools in China and abroad is that domestic universities require an exam, which means that if a student does not pass this exam, he or she will have to prepare for it again or give up. This is called the “second battle” in China, and it is a big blow to many people. In fact, I have very little confidence in myself, so I would like to know how to adjust my mindset if this happens. If I fail the first time, do I have to take the exam a second time?

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      To apply for a domestic postgraduate program in China, you need to take the national postgraduate entrance examination, which includes the tests of mathematics, English, politics, and some professional courses. The specific requirements are different according to the specific colleges and majors. You can come to the official website of your target colleges to see details. As a student of a Sino foreign cooperative university, it is difficult to get permission to postgraduate programs from a traditional university in China. Due to the different backgrounds and curriculum, most people choose to go abroad for postgraduate study.



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      I’ve gained some information about applying a domestic postgraduate program. Most of them need four subjects for the first round but some of them only need three subjects, like psychology and law. If the first round is passed, then there comes the second round. Generally speaking, it’s not so difficult to pass the second round because most of candidates will be admitted. For beginners, they always have trouble choosing suitable programs. Maybe the following link helps—you just need to write where we would like to go and what direction we prefer, and choose from fewer choices.(It’s from the specialized Chinese domestic postgraduate website.)

      Huafeng Chen(Corrine)

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      The biggest difference in applying for a domestic university is the unified examination, and the learning content is also very different. However, this is not impossible. First of all, you must set your postgraduate major and college early, and then study independently according to the requirements of the college. The key point is that the requirements are different from college to college, so it is necessary to set a college. The follow-up is constant review and practice.

      Nathan Yu

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      You can find more details in these URL links: https://www.sohu.com/a/126102273_552596, https://yz.chsi.com.cn
      可以在这些网站找到更多的信息关于申请国内研究生:https://www.sohu.com/a/126102273_552596, https://yz.chsi.com.cn


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      Affected by the epidemic, I also considered taking a domestic postgraduate entrance examination. The family members also hope that they can stay in China to complete postgraduate studies. However, I have an older brother who goes to university in Hangzhou. He is now preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in his junior year. According to him, the domestic postgraduate papers are so good that he usually studies in the library when he is free. In addition, in his opinion, studying abroad has great benefits, and it has certain advantages for future internships and employment.
      (GuoYuyao Jim)

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      Domestic graduate students are divided into full-time graduate students and in-service graduate students. Full time postgraduates refer to those who study full time in Colleges and research institutions. On the job postgraduates refer to those who still undertake certain tasks in their original jobs during their study. Professional courses to complete the school’s learning plan, and participate in the examination to obtain the corresponding credits.
      One of my sisters applied for on-the-job graduate students. Affected by the epidemic, she used online interview at that time, which reduced the difficulty relatively. She mainly works on weekdays and goes to school on weekends. The length of study of on-the-job postgraduates is shorter than that of full-time postgraduates. They can enter social work faster and earn salary.

      By Joie

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      By Joie

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      No matter what channel you go through, your core message is:
      A. Comparison of reports over the years
      B. The list of the last re examination and the list of candidates to be admitted
      C. Is there any other school to adjust the source of students
      D. Average score of professional courses and public courses
      E. Designated (or recommended) reference books
      F. Real topics of professional courses over the years


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      In most cases, you need to determine the major and college first, and you don’t need to determine the specific school for the general examination subject
      The whole examination process is as follows: some majors want to interview in advance (such as MBA), prepare for interview in advance and online report in August, register in advance (fresh graduates) in September, online report in October, on-site confirmation in November, participate in the written examination in December, get the written examination results in February of the next year, leave the school line and national line in March, and then conduct retest adjustment, get the notice in June, and enter the school in September.

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