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      You can think about the industry you want to engage in in the future and related to the major you are currently studying. For example, finance students can consider whether they want to be a primary market or a secondary market, and then look for relevant internship opportunities.

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      Personally, I think we can ask upperclassmates for help. For example, I’m a sopheremore majoring in Finance, some finance seniors and juniors might have more experience than me and could give me some advice.

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      In my point of view, finding an internship that you’re interested in as well as suitable for you is a little bit difficult, but you can first go to official websites of companies you really like and try to send your resume to them. Besides, in platforms like Shixiseng, you can also search for industry and jobs you like. I think interests matter, but it’s also important for you to practice your skills and knowledge and get improvements, it will benefit you more in your future job selection if you pay more attention to jobs with such conditions.
      在我看来,找到一份你感兴趣并且适合你的实习是有点困难的,但是你可以先去你喜欢的公司的官方网站,试着把你的简历发给他们, 或者在实习僧这样的平台上,你可以搜一下你喜欢的行业和工作。我认为兴趣很重要,但是锻炼你的技能和知识并获得个人成长也很重要,如果你也能更多地考虑那些能帮助你进步的工作,这对你未来的工作选择更有利。

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      Well, first step is to find out what your favorite internship is
      second, you can start to look at their official website,
      try to enrich your resume as possible as you can


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