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      Compared with face-to-face classes, students can save on commuting costs, and it is possible to obtain online materials at a lower cost. Many American universities are considering offering a single course service for more students through online teaching. These savings can be passed on to students in the form of low tuition fees.
      For domestic students in China, online classes can provide them with more extensive educational resources. And as the technology matures, they are indeed expected to reduce the cost of higher education. But it is undeniable that taking online courses abroad in China will reduce the exposure of foreign students to foreign cultural environments. This is not a good way.

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      Huang yujie

      During online education, many European and American schools have introduced the PF (Pass and Fail) policy, under which students can remove unsatisfactory course grades from the GPA calculation. This policy helps students get a high GPA, but also makes GPA less authentic.
      在线上教育期间,不少欧美学校推出了PF(Pass and Fail)政策,在这一政策下学生可以将成绩不理想的课程移除GPA计算。这一政策有利于学生获得高GPA,但也使得GPA成绩的真实性受到考验

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      Echo Yao

      1. The recording of the lecture can be watched repeatedly. When you missed some points during the living time, you get the missed part by watching the video again and again.
      2. No need to have exams. Since it is hard to prevent plagiarism, the university use DQ and AS to increase the daily workload of the students. Also, it is easy for some of the students to get higher grades if they are well-planned. However, for those who are really talented and smart students, the excellence is hidden to some degree
      1. 课堂的录像可以反复观看。当你在现实生活中遗漏了一些知识点时,你可以通过反复观看视频来找到遗漏的部分。
      2. 没有必要考试。由于很难防止抄袭,学校使用DQ和AS来增加学生的日常工作量。而且,对一些学生来说,如果计划周密的话,他们很容易得到更高的分数。然而,对于那些真正有才华和聪明的学生来说,卓越在某种程度上是隐藏的
      Yao Shuyi (Echo)

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      There are several advantages to online courses. Above all, as for the students, they can manage their time and do other activities outside the campus, like some internships. What is more, students can watch the recording several times and review the material to learn deeper. Students can practice the speed of typing during the lecture, one necessary skill for the job position. On the other side, the professor can practice their teaching skills and create their new teaching system. For example, the professor will consider combining offline skills and other online tools to make their teaching styles and content more abundant. What is more, the professor can also adjust their time appropriately and balance both the academy and their own lives. Thanks for your listening. If you want to learn information, please click the following link: https://oedb.org/ilibrarian/10-advantages-to-taking-online-classes/



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      Olivia Su

      There are many advantages when taking online courses. First, we could watch videos whenever we want and could review them anytime. Second, online courses could save some time and money compared to face-to-face classes. Then, the online courses are related to internet and we could learn more knowledge from Internet which includes more tham face-to-face classes. 参加在线课程有很多好处。首先,我们可以随时观看视频,也可以随时查看它们。其次,与面对面的课程相比,在线课程可以节省一些时间和金钱。然后,在线课程是与互联网相关的,我们可以从互联网上学习更多的知识,其中包括更多的面对面的课程。
      (Olivia Su)

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      There are some advantages of online learning. First of all, when you are unable to participate in the course due to physical reasons or other things, it allows you to watch the course back and forth in any other free time. Second, you can consolidate classroom knowledge by watching the video multiple times.



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      zhang Kaicheng

      方便: 参加在线课程的学生可以根据自己的时间表计划学习时间。 …
      不会那么贵: 在线课程通常比传统的学校更便宜。 …
      各种课程和计划: 在线职业学院为学生提供了许多选择。 他们可以找到他们需要的在线课程或学位课程- 从护理到神经科学。 …
      职业发展: 在线课程和学位课程,让学生在追求学历的工作Convenience: Students participating in online courses can plan their study time according to their own schedule. …
      Not that expensive: Online courses are usually cheaper than traditional schools. …
      Various courses and programs: Online vocational colleges provide students with many options. They can find the online courses or degree programs they need-from nursing to neuroscience. …
      Career development: online courses and degree courses allow students to pursue academic work

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      Compared with traditional courses, online courses are more flexible and convenient—as long as there is available device. And it can also promote students’ self-discipline to some extent. Here’s a link to get access to more advantages and disadvantages of online courses.

      Huafeng Chen(Corrine)

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      1. Online classes are more convenient, because online classes are not limited by location, and it also saves the time to go to the classroom.
      2. Online classes can be recorded and watched repeatedly, which is helpful for students to review knowledge.
      2. 网课可以录像并反复观看,这有利于学生复习知识。

      Yin Ning (Yasmine)

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      Advantages of online learning:   1. Break the limitations of time and space, realize the sharing of teaching resources, and learn from each other to complement each other.   2. The time and location of online learning are relatively flexible, and there are no rigid restrictions on the time, location, content and progress of centralized training.   3. Students can independently choose their own learning method through online learning.   4. Communication is easier and more adequate. Everyone can ask questions, everyone can answer questions, and between students and teachers, and between students and students can communicate on an equal footing, so as to speak freely.

      网络学习优点:  1、打破时空限制,实现教学资源的共享,互相学习取长补短。  2、网上学习的时间和地点比较灵活,没有硬性规定集中培训的时间、地点、内容和进度等多方面的限制。  3、学员可以通过网上学习自主选择适合自己的学习方式。  4、交流更加容易,更加充分。每个人都可以提出问题,每个人都可以回答提问,而学员与教师之间,学员与学员之间都可以平等的交流,达到畅所欲言。


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      The advantage of the online course is that it can be recorded and broadcast, and the knowledge points that are not understood can be watched repeatedly. Different from offline classes, when a professor teaches a knowledge point and fails to understand it, there is no chance to listen again. You can only ask your classmates or professors after class. Another advantage of online courses is that they are more convenient. To learn online courses, you only need a computer, and you can take the computer to any place in the class. When the weather is bad, online lessons become a good choice. In addition, online classes also make it more effective for professors and classmates to ask questions than in the classroom, because editing content in words can be more accurate than verbal communication.

      线上课程的优点是能够进行录播,对于不理解的知识点可以反复观看。不同于线下课,当教授教了一个知识点没听懂时,就没有再听一次的机会,只能通过下课询问同学或者教授。 线上课程还有一个优点就是更加的便捷,学习线上课程,你只需要一个电脑,你可以带着电脑上任何的地点上课。当天气恶劣时,上网课便成了很好的选择。 除此之外,上网课也让课堂上教授和同学的提问互动更有效,因为用文字编辑内容可以比口头交流更加准确。


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      You can spend your time freely, saving the time wasted on the road when learning offline. In addition, you could review the lecture after class for some points you did not understand, which would improve your learning efficiency.

      13 Huge Advantages to Taking Online Classes


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      I have to say that online course is a boon for students with high ability but low test scores since many students are so nervous when they are taking exams so that they cannot play to their normal strengths. However, for online courses, it would be more assignments but fewer exams.


      7 Advantages to Taking Online Classes


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      Sheldon Feng

      Online learning time is more relaxed, students can arrange their study time according to their own time.

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