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      You can take MATH 3544, 2526, 3455, 3940, and real analysis at school, all of which will help you with statistics. If you can, go to Kean, which offers more statistics courses, and get a minor in statistics. And We cannot get a Statistic Minor in WKU due to the lack of Statistic courses.可以在学校里修MATH3544,2526,3455,3940,和real analysis,这些课程都是对统计有帮助的,另外可以的话,可以去美肯,那边会开设更多的统计课程,可以在那边得到统计的辅修, 不过我们不能再wku里拿到统计辅修,因为有些统计的课没开

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      Zheng Zhang

      If you want to apply for biometrics, you may need knowledge of computers. Therefore, the background of mathematics and computer may be very good. (Zhang Zheng)

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      Yijie Zhang
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      Branch of Statistics.
      Biostatistics: Discusses how to conduct biological experimental research design, sampling, analysis, data collation, and inference discipline.
      Financial Statistics: Focuses on how the statistical departments of central banks and financial institutions investigate, collect, organize and analyze the activities and data of various financial services, so as to provide statistical information and statistical advice, and to manage and supervise financial statistics.
      Applied Statistics: The study of the application of general theories and methods of statistics in social, natural, economic, engineering, and other fields, which is a cross-discipline between statistics and other disciplines.
      Mathematical Statistics: The application of probability theory to study statistical data in-depth, to observe the frequency of certain phenomena to reveal their patterns, and to make judgments and predictions by constructing mathematical models.

      Courses: Statistical Methods, Statistical Theory, Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance, Regression Analysis, Statistical Computing, Sampling Theory, Applied Time Series Analysis, Technical Writing, Probability, Statistical Quality Control, Calculus.

      Background course requirements: mathematics courses: advanced mathematics, line generation, calculus, probability and statistics, regression analysis, etc.; programming courses: C/C++, Python; statistical software: R, SPSS, STATA, SAS, MatLab.

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      you can check the qs ranking to see the school with a strong program

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      Zheng Zhang

      If you want to transfer your master degree to mathematics or statistics in the United States, it is recommended that you choose as many professional courses related to mathematics or statistics as possible when choosing courses in the junior year. This can also improve your professional background. Try to fix it. GRE SUB, this test is generally 2-3 times a year, you can pay attention to the test time published on the GRE official website. (Zhang Zheng)

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      Xue Minghan

      Statistics is a major field of study: applied statistics, applied economics, auditing, master of financial management, master of finance, etc.

      Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics, mainly through the use of probability theory to establish mathematical models, collect data from the observed system, conduct quantitative analysis, summarize, make inferences and predictions, and provide a basis and reference for relevant decision-making. It is used in a wide range of disciplines, from the physical and social sciences to the humanities, and is even used in business and government intelligence decisions.

      As digitalization continues to accelerate, there is a growing desire to draw empirical patterns from large amounts of data to inform later decisions. The statistics profession is not just like its superficial textual representation, just statistics, but includes investigation, collection, analysis, prediction and so on. The scope of application is very wide.



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      Here, I recommend the Master of Science in Business Statistics at the University of Hongkong. The Master of Science in Business Analytics program at the HKU Business School offers a comprehensive curriculum that aims to help students develop both hard and soft skills related to business analytics throughout the program. Students there will learn the knowledge and skills of understanding data, transforming data into information, and converting information into executable actions. There is currently an unprecedented industry demand for business analytics professionals, and the school will offer an extensive range of elective options to allow students to proceed in many specific focus areas.


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      I major in Finance and the program I want to apply is Business Analysis and Statistics. I asked for suggestions and most of these think that it is better to take more mathematical classes to strengthen your profile courses. Because if you do not take these advanced mathematical courses, the program will not accept you. If you are a Finance student and want to apply for the program that is related to data, I suggest you take MATH 2415 (Calculus 1), 2416 (Calculus 2), 2995 (Linear), 3544 (Statistics), 3415 (Calculus 3). Besides, WKU opened Python for business course MGS 3001 and the professor is experienced.


      Wang Jiayi Amber

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      Here is an article about applying for the major of statistics. Hope to be helpful!
      URL: https://wenku.baidu.com/view/8a848c3c360cba1aa911dada.html

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      In our school, if you want to apply for a statistic or some related graduate programs, I think some basic statistic course should be taken, such as MATH 2526, 3544, and also I recommend MATH 3790 which called machine learning. It is a statistic-based course, and it will use statistical models for the use of predictions and classification. 在我们学校,如果您想申请统计学或一些相关的研究生课程,我认为应该修一些基础统计学课程,例如MATH 2526、3544,并且我推荐MATH 3790,它称为机器学习。 这是一门基于统计的课程,它将使用统计模型来进行预测和分类。
      Yuanwei Hu

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      If you want a graduate student to apply for statistics-related courses, it is recommended to take a few mathematics-related courses during your undergraduate course. This can help you increase your success rate in applying for postgraduate studies and lay a foundation for your future study. In WKU, Math 3544 is about PROBABILITY & MATH STATISTICS and Math 2526 is APPLIED STATISTICS I, these two courses is about statistics. If you are interested in it, you can take them. This the link to the information about Statistics in Duke. https://datascience.duke.edu/mids-courses

      如果您想研究生申请统计学相关的课程,建议在您的本科课程中学习一些数学相关的课程。这可以帮助您提高申请研究生课程的成功率,并为将来的学习打下基础。 在WKU中,数学3544与概率和数学统计有关,而数学2526与应用统计I有关,这两门课程都是关于统计的。如果您对此感兴趣,可以采取。这个链接是杜克大学统计学的相关信息,https://datascience.duke.edu/mids-courses


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      Recommendations for business students who want to take a minor in mathematics: you can choose courses related to statistics. For example: Math 2526, 3544, 3970… Many students may choose advanced courses of calculus in order to get a minor in mathematics, but I personally think that calculus is more quantitative, and many theories may not be applicable in commercial applications. Statistics pay more attention to the mathematical thinking mode. I think it will be more beneficial to your future application.
      对于商院学生想拿数学专业辅修的建议:可以选择与统计相关的课程。如:Math 2526, 3544,3970… 很多学生为了拿到数学辅修可能会选择微积分的高阶课,但我个人认为微积分偏量化,许多理论在商业应用中或许不太适用。统计学更注重的数学思维模式,我认为这对你未来的申请方向更有利。

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      Empiricism is the basis of statistics, and mathematics is a purely deductive system based on rationalism. Since empiricism and rationalism are two philosophical systems fighting each other, statistics and mathematics are incompatible in philosophy. Statistics is a part of science, or rather a part of scientific philosophy. And mathematics is independent of science. Because the generation of mathematical knowledge does not need modern scientific research process but can be directly deduced and proved by axiom system. This is a purely negative argument, but the argument is written in mathematical language instead of natural language. So science and mathematics in stem are put together as two separate fields in parallel. In fact, statistics and physics are much more like mathematics.

      统计学的基础是empiricism,数学是一种基于rationalism推导出来的纯deductive系统。由于empiricism和rationalism是两种相互打架的哲学系统,所以,在哲学上,统计学和数学是不相容的。统计学是science的一部分,准确的说是scientific哲学思路的一部分。而数学是和science独立的。因为数学知识的产生是不需要现代scientific research过程的,而可以直接通过公理系统推导和证明。这是纯粹的deductive argument,只是argument的写法没有用自然语言而用了数学语言。所以“STEM”里面science和mathematics是作为两个分开的领域平行地放在一起说的。实际上比起数学,统计学和物理学要像很多。

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      Many people may have a first impression of mathematics as a never-ending calculation, but it is not. In everyday learning, mathematics requires more of us to understand and to ask why. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of mathematics after watching the video below. https://www.ted.com/talks/cedric_villani_what_s_so_sexy_about_math


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      In my opinion, statistics has become a subject that cannot be ignored. In the era of big data, applied mathematics and statistics can analyze every user with a formula by calculating big data, which can increase the user’s “stickiness” to the application.


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      In my opinion, statistics has become a subject that cannot be ignored. In the era of big data, applied mathematics and statistics can analyze every user with a formula by calculating big data, which can increase the user’s “stickiness” to the application.


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      Chris Yuan

      I am a graduating student in the Mathematics Department of WKU Institute of Technology. The computer content included in the four-year plan of the 2017 mathematics department is JAVA & JAVA script (CPS1231&CPS2231), R (MATH3700&MATH3710&MATH4710), Python (MATH3790&MATH4720), Scilab (MATH3590). These courses are suitable for those who want to apply for data science. It is of great help to students.
      我是WKU理工学院数学系一名即将毕业的学生。2017级数学系学生的四年计划里所包含的计算机内容有:JAVA & JAVA script (CPS1231&CPS2231), R(MATH3700&MATH3710&MATH4710), Python(MATH3790&MATH4720), Scilab(MATH3590).这些课程对想要申请数据科学方面的同学来讲有很大的帮助

      Chris Yuan

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