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      If you’ll be working the in the states, a foreign degree can set you apart from the competition,” said Bridget. Ramon concurred. It’s one of the greatest benefits of studying internationally, but can also be one of the toughest challenges. Study the country before you go and familiarize yourself with the culture. “But the best way to cope with this challenge is to remember you are on an adventure. Nothing will be as you expect it, and that’s exciting. It builds character and is a wonderful opportunity to learn the value of differences.”

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      Count on academic differences: different pedagogies, methods of testing, writing styles. Peak performance may be assessed differently, and you may not initially perform as well academically as you’re accustomed.

      依靠学术差异:不同的教学法,测试方法,写作风格。 对最高绩效的评估方式可能有所不同,并且您一开始的学习成绩可能不如您所习惯。

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      Studying abroad will undoubtedly help you apply for a job abroad. Of course, if you want to return to work in your country, diplomas from excellent foreign universities will also help you gain more competitiveness. Your vision, experience and independent ability can all add points to yourself.

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      Doing an MS degree in the US have quite a lot benefits.
      There are many high-ranked universities in the US. And there is a wide range of programs to choose from.
      It is also beneficial to gain international experience.



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      The benefits of study abroad could be abundant and lifelong. As for me, I choose to study abroad is because it could provide a different experience. Since study abroad is totally different from it is in China, I think it could help broaden my horizons and practice my skills. What’s more, study abroad usually means we need to master a second language, it could be a useful skill no matter in daily life or in working place, which means it could help create more opportunities for us when find jobs. Here I also find an article that explain more roundly about the benefits of studying abroad, if you are interested in it, please follow the link

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      As a finance student, I believe that studying for my master’s degree in the US can really broaden my horizon. Comparing with other countries, I like the cultural astmosphere in the US more. In addition, other benefits like learning more professional knowledge, knowing about more friends from diverse culture, and being more competitive when finding jobs in the future. I find that this link can tell us more and detailed benefits of studying in the US: https://www.topuniversities.com/blog/top-7-benefits-studying-us



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      As a university student majoring in Finance, I think going to a graduate school in America can bring a lot of benefits. Firstly, America has many top business universities, like Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania, they are all the best business schools Besides, America is a developed financial center in the world. America has the highest GDP. If students can study in America or even find an internship or job there, they can have a greater competitive advantage in their future work. Moreover, not only studying in America, studying abroad can help students learned more about the culture there and master a second language. Here is the link I found that introduce the reason why we should study in the US:



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      Advantages of Studying in the United States:
      1. The inclusive nature of the country, directly with different ethnic groups and different cultural styles, studying in the United States will allow you to come into contact with different people, which is equivalent to learning about the different cultural atmospheres in the same country. At the same time, you can meet a variety of people, which will be beneficial to your future career development.
      2. Due to the advanced science and technology and economic strength of the United States, as well as its leading education concept, this is an excellent change in knowledge and thinking that can directly cultivate students studying in the United States, which is the most significant sign of education.
      URL: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/758431038704175804.html

      3. As there are many world-famous universities in the United States, there are a lot of choices for students. Every major in the school is the target of students’ application.

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      The United States has more than 2,000 universities, and these universities are well organized.
      So there are four main types of colleges and universities in the United States: community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and specialized colleges.
      In addition, the United States has a complete education system and a high level of education. The United States takes a relatively high proportion in the world school rankings. Therefore, when we mention world-class universities, we usually think of some American universities, so it is easy for us to be recognized when we return to China with an American degree.
      URL: https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1602939812043563660&wfr=spider&for=pc

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      In China, many parents still regard high school students as children, but in the United States, high school students have basically possessed the ability to be independent, not only in terms of food, clothing, and daily life but also in terms of thinking.
      In China, many parents also want to exercise their children’s independence, but suffering from the constraints of the big environment and the doting of grandparents, it is basically unrealistic to expect complete independence. However, after going to the United States, objectively, their children have to learn to be independent.
      Many scholars have studied that independence is one of the most important abilities in life, which is not unimportant.
      URL: https://www.sohu.com/a/133541864_466950

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      This is a paper about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, I hope to help you!
      URL: https://xueshu.baidu.com/usercenter/paper/show?paperid=2ee5cfc3c164cd2e1c2b92e32b943f06&site=xueshu_se

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      The benefits of studying in the United States are many. Especially the gold content of academic qualifications, the master’s degree in the United States is beyond doubt. As far as CPS students are concerned, after you finish graduate school, you can quickly find a job. The high-tech industry in the United States is very developed. In short, its benefits are very numerous.

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      American institutions are also known to have high academic standards, follow rigorous practices to maintain quality, and are well-supported to offer an excellent education to their students.
      Advantages of Attending an American University:
      1. Explore Vast Academic Opportunities: American Universities offer various degrees and study options to students. For this reason, there are often more opportunities for students to choose a program of study that aligns with their specific interests and goals.
      2. Improve Your Career Opportunities: Earning a degree at a university in America has the potential to expand the future career opportunities available to you.
      3. Perfect Your English: One of the best ways to become fluent in a new language is to immerse yourself fully, and perfecting your English skills during your time at a U.S. university can have valuable benefits.
      4. Gain a Global Perspective: Studying at an American university gives students the chance to expand their global network, experience new cultures, and gain a global perspective.
      5. Receive World-Class Student Support: International students often have access to outstanding student support from their host university. From academic and career needs to personal development, American colleges and universities strive to provide students with the resources and support they need throughout this stage of their lives.
      To know more:

      1. 探索广阔的学术机会:美国大学为学生提供各种各样的学位和学习选择。由于这个原因,学生通常有更多的机会选择与自己的具体兴趣和目标相一致的学习项目。
      2. 提高你的职业机会:在美国大学获得学位有潜力扩大你未来的职业机会。
      4. 获得全球视野:在美国大学学习让学生有机会扩大他们的全球网络,体验新的文化,并获得全球视野。
      5. 获得世界一流的学生支持:国际学生通常可以获得东道国大学的优秀学生支持。从学术和职业需求到个人发展,美国学院和大学努力为学生提供他们在整个人生阶段所需的资源和支持。


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      Studying in the United States can bring you many benefits. Firstly, the level of education in the United States ranks among the top in the world. There are many internationally renowned universities, like Harvard University and Stanford University. Secondly, a diploma from an American university may give you some advantages in future applications. Thirdly, broaden your horizons and experience different cultures. If you want to know more about the benefits, there is a link: https://www.topuniversities.com/blog/top-7-benefits-studying-us



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      There are many benefits that studying in the United States.First of all, the United States has a high level of education in all majors, especially finance. Secondly, if they are graduate students, they can easily get an internship in a local company in the United States after graduation. This will be very helpful for future development. Third, you can learn and understand the native American culture and broaden your horizons.



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      Dongao Xing

      For me, I want to go to the UK for graduate school because the one-year graduate students in the UK are very attractive to me. Of course, I want to know the advantages of American graduate students relative to the UK.
      Dongao Xing

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      The advantages of studying in the United States are 1. Have many top universities: There are many private and public universities in the United States, and these schools can provide students with world-class education. 2. Sufficient time to choose a major: Each student will have nearly two years to explore his future learning direction and technical specialization. 3. Flexible professional system: students can choose elective courses or minor courses according to their hobbies, of course, they can also combine multiple courses.

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      Lu Yuhao

      As a computer science major, there are great advantages to pursuing a master’s degree in the United States. Because many American universities are very good in the computer field. If I can pursue graduate studies in the United States, it will be of great help to the development of my professional level and also conducive to my job hunting after graduation.
      lu yuhao

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      The academic level of American schools has always been recognized by the industry. If you have sufficient funds, good academic performance, and the strength to apply to a prestigious school, and you want to study in the United States, why not choose the United States?

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      The academic level of American schools has always been recognized by the industry. If they have sufficient funds and good academic performance, and have the strength to apply to famous schools, and want to study in the United States, why not choose the United States.


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      Advantages of studying abroad:
      1. Job opportunities
      With diplomas everywhere in China, it is easier to find a job after studying abroad.
      2. Broaden your horizons
      Studying abroad is a rare good chance to broaden one’s horizon and broaden one’s knowledge.
      3. Language environment
      The best way to learn a native language is to study abroad and immerse yourself in the local language and culture.

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