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      Yimeng Zhao

      With the evolution of Sino US relations and the impact of the epidemic situation, the number of British applicants has shown an upward trend, especially in 2020, the number of students applying for undergraduate degree through UCAS (British University Admissions Service Center) increased by 23% compared with that in 2019. In the stage of master’s degree and master’s degree, the distribution of students studying abroad is more diversified, with the UK taking the lead, accounting for 33.16%, followed by the United States with 25.61%, followed by Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Germany, etc.

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      Lewis Lian
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      UCAS, the British University Admissions Service Center, released the “British Undergraduate Application Data in 2020”, and the number of Chinese students applying for a British university undergraduate in 2020 has increased by 23%. In 2020, the number of mainland Chinese students applying for UK undergraduate through UCAS has exceeded 24,000 (as of June 30, 2020), an increase of 23% year-on-year, which is twice the 2016 figure.
      The number of applicants in the United Kingdom will increase sharply this year. It cannot be ruled out that part of the reason is that students who originally chose to study in the United States eventually transferred to the United Kingdom. In addition, part of the reason may be due to political relations. This year, the intensification of Sino-US conflicts is obvious to all, and the relatively friendly attitude and related policies of the UK also highlights the advantages of studying abroad in the UK. Such as:
      Since July 6, the UK Visa Application Centres in Wuhan and Xi’an have reopened. Since then, all 15 UK visa application centers in China have been opened. And the British government also announced a major move: starting from this year of Ph.D. international students graduating in 2021, international students who complete a Ph.D. in the UK will get a 3-year PSW work visa.

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      I have searched the similar topic in Zhihu which includes some useful information.

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      Yijie Zhang
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      If you want to gamble on the epidemic situation until next year, you can submit your application as soon as possible, in the case of the epidemic there are many students who do not meet the admission criteria of the institutions and have not submitted their applications, during the epidemic there will also be students who choose to gap a year, if you want to try, you can submit your application, once the epidemic is under control, you can successfully enroll. If you get an offer, you can also consider whether you need a gap year, and wait until the epidemic is over.

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      Mengyu Zhang


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      http://www.oushinet.com/qj/qjnews/20200629/354991.html 该链接中有提及中国留学生申请英国研究生的情况,总体还是处于上升状态,由于疫情等因素的影响,英国成为中国学生留学首选》(Norma)

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      The number of students from mainland China studying in UK higher education has more than doubled in the last decade. Recent tensions between China and the US are further benefitting British universities as Chinese students look at destinations other than America for their studies. China is already the biggest source of international students at British universities. According to the news, in 2007-2008, there were 43,530 Chinese students in the UK, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa). Ten years later the total went up to 106,530, of which 60,460 were postgraduate students and 46,070 undergraduates.

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      Xue Minghan

      In my opinion, the overall situation of study abroad in China has become severe due to the epidemic. Nowadays, with the restriction on the applications of international students from the US, the UK has become the number one target country for all Chinese international students, which makes the already difficult application to study abroad more difficult and competitive. In this situation, if you are not very sure, applying to Australian universities is a good choice.

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      Affected by the epidemic, the trend of studying abroad has changed a lot. Before the epidemic, a large number of international students wanted to apply to the United States. But now many international students in this part choose the UK. The competition in the UK has grown.收到疫情影响,留学的趋势发生了很大的变化。在疫情前很大一部分留学生想要申请美国。但是现在这一部分留学生很多选择了英国。英国的竞争变大。

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      I found a website which can display the number of university applicants in the United Kingdom (UK) from 1994 to 2019.


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      Cao Sijia

      一个新的消息是,因申请量过大,🇬🇧布里斯托大学针对2021年9月入学的MSc Management (Digitalisation and Big Data)专业即将截止来自中国学生的申请受理。如学生有意申请以下专业,请在2020年12月20日前尽早完成递交。我认为今年激增的人数会为申请英国的学校带来更大的压力。
      A new information is, due to the large number of applications, the University of Bristol will soon close applications from Chinese students for the MSc Management (Digitalisation and Big Data) major in September 2021. If students wish to apply for the following majors, please complete the application as early as possible before 20 December 2020.I think the surge in numbers this year will put even more pressure on schools in the UK.


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      Yichen Xin

      Because of the coronavirus situation, the number of students who apply for the UK unveristies has increased.Yichen Xin

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      Qiqi Zhu


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      Gavin Fu

      因为今年的疫情所带来的特殊影响, 许多人从原本的申请美国转而申请英国。大量人数“涌入”英国而导致申请难度进一步加大。

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      申请人数创四年新高 英国留学要爆!


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      2020 is coming to an end. Despite the impact of the epidemic in the past year, in the golden autumn season of November, the admissions season for studying in the UK has entered an unprecedented peak. Statistics show that among the number of admissions to UK universities, non-EU students accounted for 35,080, and 8,570 were from China, an increase of 14% over last year and twice the number in 2015. Chinese students studying in the UK have generated “explosive growth.” Although the growth of these applications is due to COVID-19 and the changes in Sino-US relations, I personally think that the current pressure on the UK to study abroad is too high. Perhaps it would be a better choice to consider a university in Canada or other EU countries

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      This year, due to the impact of the epidemic and policies, some students who applied to the US and Hong Kong have switched to the UK. According to the latest round of data, the number of applicants to the UK this year is at a four-year high. The UK has a very high level of education, a strong learning atmosphere, and a short semester length. If you would like more information about applying to the UK this year, please click on the following link: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/160156989

      Joyce (Yue He)

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      20 pts

      I also found it amazing that the number of international students who chose to continue studying in the UK during the epidemic has not fallen but increased. This is the relevant information I found.

      LINK: https://www.sohu.com/a/411183361_120271806?_trans_=000014_bdss_dklzxbpcg

      —- Soleilin

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      I think it is due to the influence of the epidemic and the time period of study in Britain. I found some discussion about the phenomenon of studying abroad in the UK.

      Zoe Xu

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      Since the U.S. epidemic is severe and visas are blocked, a large number of students originally scheduled to apply for the U.S. transfer to the U.K. This makes the number of applicants to the U.K. increase. Although there has been a virus mutation in the UK, and the epidemic has rebounded, the student chose an academic qualification between the risk of the epidemic and the academic qualifications.



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      Indeed, due to the change in the international condition and the spread of the epidemic, many students who initially want to apply for graduate school in the United States then change their minds to apply for the university in the United Kingdom. Thus, the competition for applying for graduate university in British is significantly increasing. So facing this kind of situation, you can consider applying to the university in other countries or do your best to improve your competition.



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      24 pts

      It may seem like the numbers of applicants to the UK and USA may decrease due to the pandemic, however, both numbers are actually increasing. The competition is really fierce. Check this article to see more information: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/hMJkn7_llLCbpuLewS8-4g



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      Generally speaking, applying for UK university is definitely a good choice for those who want to learn aboard for further degree. And because of COVID-19, the world’s whole situation changes a lot, especially the number of applicators for UK university. There are much more people prefer to go UK rather than America. So if determined, do it efficiently and properly. The following link tells how to apply UK university.
      Huafeng Chen(Corrine)

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      According to 2020 data, before the deadline of June 30, 2020, the number of applicants from outside the EU has increased by 10% to 89,130​​, while the total number of applicants in the EU is currently down 2% from last year to 49,650. . Currently, the total number of applicants of all ages from all residences is 652,790, the highest number in four years. This shows that although the epidemic has appeared, its impact on the UK is not significant. The number of international students applying to the UK is still rising.



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      Tanner Shan

      Due to Sino-US relations, Hong Kong protests and natural disasters in Australia, many students turned to apply for the UK. With Brexit and favorable policies, it is more attractive to overseas students. So the number of applicants has skyrocketed, the school’s website has crashed, and application requirements have soared. 21 Fall continues this trend. See the link below for details. https://www.zhihu.com/question/384809555

      20 Fall由于中美关系、香港游行和澳洲自然灾害,很多同学转向申请英国;加上脱欧,政策利好,对留学生吸引力更大;所以申请人数激增,学校官网瘫痪,申请要求水涨船高。21 Fall也延续了这一趋势。具体的情况可以看以下链接。 https://www.zhihu.com/question/384809555

      Tanner Shan

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      Dongao Xing

      Given the level of top universities, due to internal social problems and the epidemic in the United States, more and more students choose to study in the UK, which makes it much more difficult to apply for postgraduate studies in the UK.We can also consider other schools in Australia and Europe.
      Dongao Xing

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