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      waqi Winston

      The biggest difference between GMAT and GRE is that the GMAT is used by business school as part of their admissions whereas the GRE is used for admission to a plethora of graduate programs.
      Link: https://e-gmat.com/blogs/gmat-vs-gre/

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      Typically, the GMAT is for those with strong quantitative and analytical skills who are also adept at interpreting data presented in charts, tables, and text to solve complex problems. the GRE math section tends to be more straightforward and, unlike the GMAT, includes a calculator for all quantitative problems. Good editors may prefer the verbal portion of the GMAT, while test-takers with strong vocabularies may prefer the GRE. both tests have their “odd” question types: quantitative comparisons on the GRE and data sufficiency on the GMAT.通常,GMAT适用于那些具有强大的定量和分析能力的人,他们也擅长解释图表,表格和文本中显示的数据以解决复杂问题。 GRE数学部分往往更简单明了,并且与GMAT不同,它包括一个用于处理所有定量问题的计算器。 优秀的编辑者可能更喜欢GMAT的口头部分,而词汇量丰富的应试者则更喜欢GRE。 两种测试都有其“奇数”问题类型:GRE的定量比较和GMAT的数据充分性。

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      Yichen Xin

      GMAT concentrates more on students’ business abilities such as logic. GRE concentrates more on students’ English abilities. Yichen Xin

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      Ivy Huang

      1.The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the GRE is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). These are two completely different exams.
      2.The GMAT is used by colleges and universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to assess the suitability of applicants for graduate study in business, economics, and management to decide whether or not to accept them, while the GRE is mainly used in the United States.
      Ivy Huang

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      Besides the differences mentioned by others, I want you to know that:
      The GMAT is taken on the computer, and it is an adaptive test. This means that, when you begin the Quantitative and Verbal sections, the first question you see in each section will be a medium difficulty. If you answer that question correctly, the next question will be slightly harder, and if you answered incorrectly, the next question will be slightly easier. This process continues throughout the entire section for both Quantitative and Verbal. Once you answer a question on the GMAT, you can’t go back to it.
      The GRE is also typically taken on the computer, and it is section-level adaptive. This means that your score on the first section of both Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning will affect the difficulty of the questions tested on the second section for each subject. Unlike the GMAT, where each individual question determines the difficulty of the next question, on the GRE, your score on the entire section determines the difficulty of the next section on that subject. On the GRE you can return to questions you’ve already answered within a section.
      Link: https://www.prepscholar.com/gre/blog/gre-vs-gmat/#:~:text=The%20most%20significant%20difference%20between,Quantitative%20Reasoning%2C%20and%20Verbal%20Reasoning.

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      13 pts

      The GMAT test introduces the GMAT, the name is the entrance examination for graduate students in economics and business management. It is required for graduate students majoring in accounting, MBA, finance, economics, and management. The English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia all recognize the test results.
      GRE named the American Graduate Entrance Exam, is applicable to all majors except law and business. It is sponsored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). In addition, students who want to apply for an economics major must also take the GRE.
      You can have more information on this website. https://www.zhihu.com/question/65692621

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      In general, GRE and GMAT differ in 5 factors, namely:
      1. Mathematical ability
      At present, it is recognized that the math difficulty of GMAT is higher than that of GRE, but this is not absolute. Both have their own focus. In general, GMAT is more about quantitative mathematics and logic, and GRE is more about geometric operations.
      2. Language skills
      The words of GRE are more uncommon and have a larger vocabulary. Especially the filling in the blanks involved in the exam questions. If the vocabulary is not enough, it will make it difficult for you to move. The GMAT is more like a preparation for American students. The vocabulary is relatively simple and easy to understand. There will not be too many uncommon vocabulary in the vocabulary. The subject matter is mostly in the business field, and it is better to read.
      3. Career goals
      Some MBA applicants who plan to work in management consulting companies or investment banking companies after graduation will give priority to GMAT, because some consulting companies in the United States will allow job applicants to submit GMAT scores.
      4. Test anxiety
      Because the answers cannot be modified during the test, the most criticized point of the GMAT is that the test is stressful. Different from GMAT, GRE allows candidates to save and return to modify in each part, which can reduce anxiety in the test.
      5. Adaptive rules and scoring rules
      Both GRE and GMAT have so-called “adaptive rules”, that is, the more correct answers the more difficult the next question.
      GRE is the correct rate of the previous group to determine the difficulty of the next group, and GMAT is the difficulty of the next group if the previous question is answered correctly




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