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      Lewis Lian
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      A person may encounter more serious academic problems in foreign studies. It may be a good idea to communicate and learn from teachers and seniors.

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      在国外学习面对学术上的疑问,这时可以积极的去找教授,如果教授很忙,那么可能学校有专门提供学术支持的地方,可以解答你的疑问。同时,还可以询问同学或者通过互联网找寻答案。(Cao Yurui)

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      Yes, but as far as I know, one of my friends who study in the UK, she said that professors would offer some help to international students (that depends), the most important thing is making sure you could have effective communications with your professors. Also when you meet some troubles in the study, you could ask help from your friends or your classmates first, if you truly could not solve them, you need to communicate with professors.


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      1. 确立自己的目标。尽量在留学前就确立自己的目标,在留学过程中去实现自己的目标。你要清楚地知道你要做的是什么。
      2. 课前准备。课前预习是很重要的。如果没有预习,老师在课上讲的内容是难以消化的。做好笔记,查不会的单词,理论和概念要理解。
      3. 上课时。认真听课,积极参与到课堂中,积极回答老师的问题。
      4. 课后。可以建立学习小组,找学习搭档,互相督促,互相监督。
      1. Establish your goals. Try to establish your goals before studying abroad and achieve your goals during the course of studying abroad. You need to know clearly what you are going to do.
      2. Preparation before class. Preview before class is very important. If there is no preview, what the teacher says in class is difficult to digest. Take notes, check words that you won’t know, and understand theories and concepts.
      3. Class hours. Listen carefully to the class, actively participate in the class, and actively answer the teacher’s questions.
      4. After class. You can set up a study group, find a study partner, supervise and supervise each other.
      Here are the five most common problems encountered by international students:


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        Hi Ginny,

        Thanks for your sharing! You mentioned a lot of ways to improve your study efficiency and keep up with your professors when you study abroad, and I think your methods are very effective. At the same time, I have also browsed the website you provided, among which, I believe that cultural differences and possible racial discrimination are important factors affecting our study and life. Therefore, I believe that apart from paying attention to study itself, we should also consider the beliefs and habits of students from different cultural backgrounds to make campus life more harmonious. For example, in group discussions, students from the United States and Europe are more likely to freely express their ideas, contradict others’ opinions, or try to persuade others, while students from Asian countries such as China and Japan are more likely to pay attention to listening, dislike being interrupted, and so on. Most of the time, students are not malicious to each other, just cultural differences resulting in different styles.
        This is a about higher education for middle school students learning mode of cross-cultural comparison study:

        Jasmine Sun

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      Personally speaking, I would like to figure out the problem myself. Sometimes, doing some research can help us better understand the difficulty we meet. If I could not deal with it myself, I would ask for help. Usually, I would turn to my academic advisor or the professor who teaches me.



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      If you encounter academic problems while studying abroad, you can first check it online or ask students with relevant experience. In addition, it is helpful to ask the professor you know.在国外留学时遇到了学术问题首先你可以上网查询,或者询问有相关经验的同学。除此之外,询问认识的教授也是有所帮助的。


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      If you don’t understand something, ask the professor in time or communicate with the students around you. You can also search on some academic websites。

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      First of all, you can go to the international students in your same class, or if you don’t have any, go to the international students in the same major and ask them, because their explanation can make it a little easier for you to understand because of the language. If your classmates don’t have a solution, then you can go online for answers, go to some professional forums or something like that. If you still can’t solve the problem and the question is too specialized, go to the professor and be prepared so that you can understand the professor’s answer.


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      I think you can go to learn it by yourself at first, maybe search some information on the internet, figure out what confused you, if it does not work, you can ask the classmates who attend the same class as you, they can be a good resource, and I think they will be happy if you have any question for them! If this can also not solve the problem, you can send email to the professor to get any help!



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      Staying focused is a necessary quality for high efficiency. I believe that finding the proper study environment and study state for ourselves is more important than simply spending more time.


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      First of all, efficient learning must first have a quiet environment that is suitable for learning. For me, I prefer to study in the library, because everyone is studying there and there is a good learning atmosphere. The library of foreign universities will be bright even on Friday night, which is a good place to study. Second, you need to find learning partners. Learning partners can discuss problems with you and urge you to study together. Finally, if you have problems that cannot be solved, go to the professor boldly for help.



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      First of all, you can ensure your learning efficiency and solve problems immediately, such as searching for information on the Internet. This can avoid a lot of academic problems. Secondly, when you encounter problems that you can’t solve, you can ask your friends and classmates for help, or consult the professor.
      This is a video about how to learn efficiently. I hope it can help you.

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      Create a weekly plan to make all of your commitments concrete. Make sure your academic time is well spent by writing out specific assignments for each day. If you encounter some specific academic problems, you can first look for solutions on the Internet. If you can’t find them, ask your classmates and your professors. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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      Echo Yao

      1. By yourself. You can search on the Internet or search for books in the library.
      2. Ask a favor to your classmates. Face the cultural differences directly, and be brave to communicate with native speakers. During this process, you can also gain language skills and expand your interpersonal relationship.
      3. Visi your professors during office hours. You can get accurate answers to your questions, and professors can also expand your knowledge system properly depending on your understanding.
      1. 由你自己。你可以上网或在图书馆里找书。
      2. 请同学帮个忙。直接面对文化差异,敢于与母语人士进行交流。在这个过程中,你还可以获得语言技能,拓展人际关系。
      Yao Shuyi (Echo)

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      You can try to find information on the Internet, or ask your Chinese classmates in relevant groups. Of course, you can also ask foreign friends in the same class. You can also consult the professor to get comprehensive and helpful information.



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      Amy Shi

      In my opinion, whether studying at home or abroad, when we have academic difficulties, we should first turn to the professor for help. If we do not get a reply from the professor in time, there are departments in the university to help students with academic problems. We can turn to them. At the same time, we can also choose to search information on the Internet or ask classmates.These are all good ways to deal with academic difficulties.
      在我看来,无论是在国内还是在国外学习时,当我们遇到学术问题时,我们首先应当寻找教授求助。 如果我们没有及时得到教授的回复,学校里也有有帮助我们解决学术问题的部门,我们可以寻求他们的帮助。 同时,我们也可以选择自己上网查找资料或者询问同学。 这些都是解决学术困难的好方法。

      Amy Shi

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      Tanner Shan

      In my opinion, first you can write a “To Do List” to make sure that you have all the tasks you need to do every day, and then keep it in mind. As for academic problems, I think what I may encounter is the format of writing English papers. Because a wrong format will cost you a mark for your work.
      In addition, for English writing content, we may not know what to write at the beginning, we need to read more papers to find inspiration.

      个人认为,首先你可以写一个to do list来保证你每天所需要做的任务,然后将它记在心里。对于学术问题,我认为可能会碰到的是英语论文的写作的格式问题。因为一个错的格式会让你的作业被扣分。

      Tanner Shan

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      When I was at Kean, a problem that I encountered many times was that sometimes other students and teachers were using some examples that I was not familiar with. Usually, these examples were quite American, either happened within the country or very culturally specific. Normally I would directly ask in class or search on Google.



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      1. 美国疫情虽然有所好转,但是疫情并没有得到全面的控制
      2. 去美国签证非常困难
      3. 即使打了疫苗,但是也不能保证一定不会感染


      1. 可以先去网上搜索是否有相关解决办法的帖子,先看看能不能自行解决
      2. 如果不可以可以寻求自己的同学和朋友的帮助

      [Yating Zhong, Yoyo]

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      For me, I prefer to try my best to solve academic questions by myself, before seeking help from others, which is conducive to enhancing my independence and abilities. To be more specific, I usually study with textbooks, lecture notes, and online academic resources. However, I also believe that one of the prerequisites for doing so is that it does not affect learning efficiency very much. When we realize that some problems are difficult to be solved alone, it is better to ask classmates or professors in time. Besides this, maybe it is also a good idea to use online study platforms to ask questions, but this may require more time to wait for a response.



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      When you encounter some academic problems when you study abroad, you need to find the problems yourself and then ask your instructors or friends for ideas. As for yourself, you need to reread the question and review all the materials like the textbook; if you still cannot find the reason, you can search online since there are many scholars online or many people with similar problems to yours. On the other hand, you are expected to ask your instructors or professor for help; they have abundant experience and skills, assisting you efficiently. Also, you can tell the problems to your friends, since they may have met the same question and already solved by themselves. Last but not least, if you want to learn more about the challenge you may meet abroad, please click the following link:



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      Chris Yuan

      I think there are different solutions for different situations. If you encounter a problem in class, first think about it for yourself. If you don’t understand, let it go for a while, and finally, wait until the professor asks you if you have any questions before you ask questions. If you encounter a problem in your homework, I will put the problem aside first, and then come back after finishing the other problems and try to think again. If you still don’t find a solution, it’s best at this time. Discuss with classmates.
      Chris Yuan

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      Zhe Sun

      You can form a study group with familiar or like-minded people to help each other and think about some academic issues together.

      Zhe Sun

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      There are many difficulties in studying abroad, so you should make these two preparations before studying abroad.
      1. Comprehensive quality
      In the reading stage, you may have cultivated an idea. As long as you have good academic performance as a student, your performance is only a stepping stone, and your ability is the testament to the gold. You must know that there is a big gap between foreign and Chinese education.
      2. Mental preparation
      For studying abroad, in fact, many times, for children, they are just curious and new to new things, but they are not profound about the concept of studying abroad and what they face. To study abroad is to go to a completely unfamiliar environment. It is easy to feel a sense of fear for younger students, and it is inevitable to feel a little lonely when living abroad, but once you choose to study abroad, time will be very short.
      ——Tianyi li(Oliver)

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      Olivia Su

      In fact, most of the learning problems are caused by language problems. Many students have gone overseas and found that it is difficult to integrate in the new language environment. Various problems such as the incomprehension of the courses have caused the grades to fall behind. Here are some suggestions for improvement. Tips for language problems.
      You can chat with international students more often and find language support partners. They should conduct common vocabulary training and conversation skills training for common scenes and topics in real life, and be familiar with common sentences in daily life.
      In addition, you could Watch more English movies, American dramas, British dramas, etc., imitate and practice.
      事实上,大部分的学习问题都是由语言问题引起的。 很多学生出国后发现很难融入新的语言环境。 课程不理解等各种问题导致成绩落后。 这里有一些改进建议。 语言问题的提示。
      您可以更频繁地与国际学生聊天并找到语言支持合作伙伴。 应针对现实生活中的常见场景和话题进行常用词汇训练和会话技巧训练,熟悉日常生活中的常用句子。
      Olivia Su

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